Your health and safety is our priority.


Your health and safety is our priority. That’s why, in addition to a range of health benefits, we have a Zero Harm commitment to workplace safety.

What is our Zero Harm approach to OHS?

We strive to create safe, accident-free workplaces and, together, we can make it happen. Here’s how:

  • All managers, supervisors, employees, contractors and volunteers take reasonable care to protect themselves and their colleagues, wherever they are working.
  • We all take responsibility for assessing and managing risks in our work environment, working safely and keeping out of harm’s way.
  • Each of us strives to be a safety role model, actively promoting risk-awareness and taking personal control of our own safety.
  • We help our clients to identify and resolve problems that may cause injury or ill health to any of our employees, volunteers and contractors.
  • We work with our clients, their families and friends to ensure our employees, volunteers and contractors are entering a safe working environment and are treated with respect and dignity at all times.


Occupational health and safety is just part of our commitment to supporting and enabling you as an employee. Search for a job.